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Selection Specialist

You build great homes. You have suppliers, installers, and fabricators. You wear many hats, too many at times, and helping homeowners make selections takes too much of your time. Tammy, at Alagrace Interiors, specializes in guiding homeowners through the selection phases. Using your processes and vendors, I will coordinate and communicate selections, allowing you to focus on the business of building. 


A flat-fee or hourly rate will be customized for your needs

Architect and home interior decorator desktop with tools, laptop, wood swatches and home p

Lynn, Prattville

I like to keep my house updated so I work on a different room every year. I know what I want the finished product to be but don't know how to get it there. Whether it's working with pieces I have that need refreshing or starting from scratch, Tammy somehow gets it right every time and stays in my budget all while being fun to work with. 

Kimberly, San Destin, FL

Tammy was so patient with me during the entire design process! Someone like me, a busy professional, that has no design skills, can get overwhelmed with a creative project. Tammy took charge of me, in a kind and patient manner, giving me a sense of ease and confidence throughout the process. Tammy made my choices easy and I enjoyed working with her. I love the end results!

Angie, Prattville

Working with Tammy in our new house was wonderful! She was so helpful and encouraging to me with all the choices and decisions that I had to make. The whole home building experience was enjoyable because of her! She certainly made our home more beautiful! Thank you, Tammy, for your professionalism, kindness, and our new friendship!

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